Often, before ordering a ready course job, diploma or other writing task, students want to get acquainted with the feedback from former clients. Indeed, before you order a student job, it is important to understand who you will work with and whom you will pay the money. Therefore, I suggest you read the review of my experience with this site critique, and you will not repeat my mistakes. 3 from 10 for a rating of this site and I will tell you why.

What is AdvancedWriters

Writing any scientific work for an order for different academic disciplines and topics is an excellent business, so there are a lot of companies and single authors on the market.  The company offers professional services for the implementation of writing works very cheap. Scientific work or advanced writers paper reviews, the price of which is acceptable to each student, will be done in accordance with all the conditions of the customer that is what service promises.

Order it from them – it’s very simple, you just have to contact the specified coordinates to them, and the manager will note all your wishes for work. The task will be immediately directed to implementation, and already today an experienced author will begin to perform the task. However, not all of the sites should be trusted: helping to execute a writing task from some performers will do more harm than good. The fact is that a significant number of authors and companies provide their clients with non-unique or negligently written works. AdvancedWriters was almost one of them.

Do writers work scam is a widely spread questions? Yes. Moreover, often frank scammers who offer jobs extremely cheap take prepayment and disappear. Fortunately, it did not happen with me.  How, after all, to order a course and not become a victim of deceivers, whose specialization is the sale of empty promises, and not educational services? Very simply: you just need to entrust the execution of writing task to the best specialists, and in order to avoid problems, I want to write the review


The visitor forms the first impression of the site within a few seconds after the “landing.” He or she unconsciously evaluate visual information: the color scheme of the page design, images, location of navigation elements and information blocks. AdvancedWriters site has a good color scheme. According to the publication of Instant shift, 94% of users do not trust the content of the site and the business as a whole, if they face an extremely unsuccessful design. However, there are some problems that I faced with. The creators of this site specifically made the following mistakes:

  1. On the site, there are no elements that attract the attention of the visitor. Getting to this resource, I spent a few seconds to find the visual or semantic point of the beginning of the interaction.
  2. Elements of the site are located chaotically. The purpose of the existence of individual elements is incomprehensible.
  3. There are no navigation elements on the site.

The service of AdvancedWriters site guarantees:

  1. Services of the most qualified authors (over 15 years of work they have assembled in the team the best specialists – university professors and professional scientists with a degree not lower than the candidate level).
  2. The reliable site guarantees a timely and high-quality performance of works (including the conclusion of an official agreement and provision of a receipt for payment).
  3. Maintenance of your coursework until the moment of protection (in other words, all additions and corrections are brought into the work completely free of charge).
  4. Absolute uniqueness of the finished work (each completed order undergoes a comprehensive check for plagiarism).
  5. Complete confidentiality (information about customers and orders never leaves the company limits).

Is it true? I am not sure.

Price & Discounts

Prices start from $13/page. That is what the site promises. I cannot say that it is a low price especially for the quality of work that they offer.

Being a student, of course, I always want to save not only time but money. And many sites understand this perfectly, that’s why AdvancedWriters developed the optimal cost of coursework, diploma papers, abstracts and other kinds of materials.

Yes, the prices are optimal, but the quality is poor. Already now you can get acquainted with the prices for all services, and by viewing them, you will be pleasantly surprised by the availability. At the same time, the site guarantees the shortest possible preparation time for your orders. And this is another distinguishing feature of their service. However, it does not work.

Quality of Writing

If you want to do well, do it yourself! It will be my essay writers advanced critique. But, having recovered this year from the Academic leave, it turned out that the program changed greatly and for a month and a half I needed to hand over 10 unfamiliar items, plus the deadlines for the coursework were done a month earlier than it was before. In the end, I decided that there would not be enough time for everything and ordered coursework on this site AdvancedWriters. Work review did not bring good results.

I printed out, hoping at least for a minimum assessment, and sent it to the lecturer. What is the result: the work is as if from the past, references to absolutely useless articles and books (for example, books on the public international law), or links lead that does not exist even! A bunch of grammatical and semantic errors, despite the fact that the methodology was provided!


The manager said that she would take and demanded 100% prepayment. She began to do (theoretically) on April 14 and was supposed to send a ready-made version on 21. It was planned to hand over the finished version 22.
She asked me to remind her about myself on the 20th. Well, time passed, on the evening of 19 I wrote to her, she did not bother to answer. 21 numbers have come – no messages from her. I called – she did not answer, and then I just discard it. She wrote that the work would be ready at night on the 21st in the evening.
As a result, she sent me on 22nd by noon, when I had a couple of hours, and I basically did not have time to check it, even to scan it!


The writing work was done on time. The requirements of the methodology are ignored. I asked to do again. They altered, but left everything the same and added something else. I paid, and money and time are wasted. I am dissatisfied with the work.”  Reviews are fabricated. The negative ones are deleted. Are you looking for good writing work for small prices? Not here. Workers are pleasant, some parts of the essays are really good, and the prices are not very high, that are the only advantages. That is why I give 3 of 10 points to the service AdvancedWriters.



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