When I first ordered a paper on service, I was a third-year college student. Except for studies, I was working 30 hours a week, so I did not have enough time for all the tasks in university. When I received the task of writing a review on a philosophy book, I immediately started to search for the online writing service that could write a good qualitative paper for me. Since philosophy was very important subject of my studies, I needed to find a service that would prepare a high-quality work within a short period of time and also that would offer a wide range of pricing options. I found the website, and I looked for the customer comments best had. I liked those and decided to try this service.

What is is one of the oldest assignments writing services that started working back in 1997. It has a relatively good reputation thanks to the quality of the works they deliver. The authors of the works are professionals with an MA/ Ph.D. degree in a particular field of studies. What I immediately liked about this service was three different quality options to choose when ordering an assignment. You can order a standard quality work, which would be written by a professional with MA degree and it will also include a plagiarism check; you can also order a premium quality work written by a professional with MA/ Ph.D. degrees with advanced plagiarism check. Or you can order a platinum quality work, which would be written by a professional with MA/ Ph.D. degrees with 5+ years of experience.

Service & Design

When I read the first review showed me; I was confused by the incredible quantity of different types of works you can order. You can order an assignment, research paper, term paper, book report, biography, business plan, marketing plan, whole dissertation and it’s chapters, thesis, article, questionnaire, and many other works.

My personal opinion is that one service should narrow it’s range of services to some particular study directions. Despite the fact that this service can work with plenty of authors from different fields of science, the services focused on a couple of disciplines can analyze the given task more deeply and precisely and, therefore, deliver a more qualitative paper.

Price & Discounts offers a whole range of different services and the prices for the works are very different, respectively. You can find prices that vary from $1.95 to $60.99. You may, for example, order a questionnaire and the price for 1 question will be $1.95 (with delivery time – 10 days). You can also order a whole dissertation or an essay, and the price for one page can reach $60.99. Within more than 30 different services offered by, the prices vary due to the time of delivery, the complexity of the task and the professionalism of an author.

As for me, I ordered a 10 pages review on a philosophy book for $264 and waited for the ready work for 10 days. I had enough time until the deadline, so I decided to save money and to wait for a standard quality paper for a couple of days.

The also offers 15% off for new users to try their services. In addition, you can get 5% off when ordering from 15 to 50 pages, 10% off when ordering 51-100 pages and 15% off when ordering more than 101 pages. Also, with every order, you a get free outline, amendments, title page, bibliography, and formatting, and you, therefore, save $65.

The most common critique best essays website gets is connected to the relatively high prices. It is true that there are lots of other online writing services, where you can order a lot cheaper and more affordable papers. However, they often get bad reviews due to the low quality of the material used in these papers. That’s why, if you need a simple assignment and you don’t want to spend too many, you should probably find another service. However, if you need a good qualitative paper delivered on time, you should consider ordering on

Quality of Writing

One of the best things of this service is that two different specialists – the one who is doing the actual research and prepares sources for the writer, and the other specialist, who completes your paper and is a writer from your subject, are working on your assignment. After that, before the delivery, the paper is proofread and formatted. I think that these three stages of work on the assignment help to increase the quality of the works. As for me, I must say that I was almost satisfied with the review I ordered. It had a clear structure, a lot of well-grounded arguments and professionally developed conclusions. The thing I didn’t like about the text was that the author didn’t take into account the basic assertions of classical philosophy and neglected their profound study. This, in turn, made the development of the whole review not sufficiently thorough.


As mentioned before, I ordered a book review to be done in 10 days. At the end of the 9th day I received my review, so I was fully satisfied. Keeping deadlines does assignment service more demanded and worthier.


Since I was satisfied with the service, I would recommend it to the others. However, I would change a few things in my paper. First thing is the subjectivity of the author of my paper, which affected the development of the argument, which was unusual for me. Also, the prices for services are sometimes very high. Not every college student has the possibility to buy expensive works. That is why my score for the writing service is 6 points out of 10.

Many of the essays best papers reviews I read highlight the same thoughts about the price and, sometimes, some critique about the structure of the paper.

I hope my article was interesting for you and you will pick the right writing service that fits your needs.

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