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What is Ewritingservice

Ewritingservice is an online service that provides writing assistance for students. It is a matter of the fact that students frequently have to complete different writing assignments, and often, they simply do not have time for it. They are too busy as they have numerous subjects to learn or combine studies with work. Besides, not every student has perfect writing skills, and thus, this assignment can be too difficult and time-consuming. Ewritingservice provides assistance in a wide variety of disciplines and essay topics. What is more, the service offers help with essays, research papers, term papers, book and article reviews, coursework, case studies, and other assignments. It also claims to be an article writing service and a custom dissertation writing service.

I am a student, and I am not afraid to confess that sometimes, I need help with my writing assignments. Recently, I have searched on the Internet for a high-quality service that can provide assistance with my gender equality essay, and I have found Ewritingservice through writing service reviews. It should be noted that Ewritingservice is a company with considerable experience in the sphere of academic writing as it offers assistance since 2013. My experience can be useful for other students searching for help online. That is why I decided to write an Ewritingservice review that evaluates all the aspects of the services provided.

Service & Design

Frankly speaking, when I found Ewritingservice and visited their website, it was obvious at first sight that its design was too plain and simple. No special visual techniques were used, and even the main colour of the page seemed unattractive. Still, I understand that design choices do not influence the quality of the service at large as well as the quality of writing in particular.

However, as soon as I applied as a client for this writing assistance service, I understood that the service needs significant improvements to be more comfortable and appealing to users. In order to get access to the information you need and learn about the services provided as well as about other peculiarities of the writing process, you have to sign up first. Then, if you decide not to use the particular website, you will receive annoying promotional e-mails anyway. At the same time, the variety of services available has really impressed me. As it is stated on their website, Ewritingservice specialises not only on essays but also on term papers, coursework, and even dissertations, which need much time and effort. However, quantity does not always mean quality.

Price & Discounts

Price is a significant factor influencing students’ choice of writing assistance services. The problem with Ewritingservice lies in the fact that you cannot find out the price for your paper until you fill in numerous details concerning deadlines, sources, word count, and other instructions. On the one hand, it is reasonable that the price differs depending on the particular instructions. However, it is rather uncomfortable as you cannot imagine how much approximately your paper will cost you. I ordered a 1-page gender equality essay with two sources and a two-weeks deadline, and the price was almost $30. I think that it is too much for a 1-page order with a long deadline. Among other writing services, there are numerous ones that offer lower prices. What is more, the company does not offer any discounts. They would get more clients if they offered discounts for regular customers.

Quality Of Writing

In general, the quality of writing is good. When I received the completed paper, I had to admit that the writer fulfilled all the instructions and provided credible content. However, when taking into account the price of this quality, I think that the paper is not good enough. For such a price. I expected that the paper would be something special. However, I am sure that other services with lower prices provide papers of the same quality. Besides that, I realise that the quality of writing depends on a particular writer who performs your assignment as well as on the complexity of a topic or a discipline. That is why experiences can differ from customer to customer.


It is apparent that delivery is one of the most important parts of the whole writing process. For a student, it is particularly significant to turn the paper in on time and meet the deadline as in another case, it can negatively affect the overall grade for the paper. Ewritingservice provided the completed paper on time. However, it is not surprising as the deadline was rather long. Also, I did not like the fact that the website lacked transparency. Because of that, I could not observe and control the process. I wish the company had developed more comfortable means for contacting the support team or the writer directly to ask questions and find out about the progress in writing a paper.


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