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StudyMoose.com Review ➨ What Really Students Say About Service


If you are reading this text because you are looking for the best essay writing service, we can help you with that. Understanding that more and more websites which provide papers for students increase in amount, we have decided to take under the super-serious revision of each of them.

In this article, we will focus on StudyMoose which is a very popular service among students. People from all over the world order essays here, and probably for some good reasons. Is this website popular thanks to simple advertisement and marketing strategies or real diligence of writers combined with a professional attitude to work? It is what we are going to find out right now.

About A Project

Each examination of the service should be divided into logical categories. We have read several students’ feedbacks about their expectation from any writing company, and here are the results. The client is most interested in the quality and timing. However, before making an order, the customer has to like the design and easy-to-use functionality. If the website lacks this, the students simply open another link.

In this experiment, we have put under microscope StudyMoose to make conclusions in summary with the overall review. If you need to find out the details, read the information about each section. After this, you will understand whether it is good to trust your precious university or college reputation to one of this firms.


The initial thing which you see when opening the main page of the website StudyMoose is a stylish design with the amazing blue-green gradient. Finding the most necessary information with one click is convenient. If comparing with another similar essay writing service which has lots of confusing links and categories, this website is very easy to use. There is nothing more than the customer needs which is amazing. Also, you can see the upcoming window with a chat 24/7. Here you can ask any questions if something interests you.

The sphere of service proposed by this professional website is amazing. Here you can not only order writing from scratch, editing the texts, preparing Slides but find various samples which are free for everyone! It sounds really wonderful. It is a great idea to attract more customers by showing real works on the most required topics. One more advantage of this huge database of free essays is that there are lots of subjects included. The company cares about clients and provides useful material. Also, it is a good idea to share samples because students can see the quality of the texts. And here this сommunity service essay example offers really top-notch works.

There is an immense database of free texts, and now we are going to examine the convenience of using it. In the main page, you see essays structured according to the topic. You can click on the theme and find lots of pages with articles. We have to mention that their writers work really hard to provide so many compositions of high quality.


If you are eager to find out more about the pricing policy of the StudyMoose service, you can read it in the specialized section. By clicking “order now” you are linked to the easy-to-use table with the information. Choose your essay type, deadlines, level, and see the pricing. Moreover, we are happy to announce that this service has cheap prices if comparing with other similar companies. In addition, here you can find much better functionality of the order preparation. It has only three simple steps and you can complete them within several minutes.

If you are the one who likes discounts, then you will like the offers prepared by the StudyMoose team. They have great discounts for those who order essays for the first time there. It is an amazing opportunity to check the quality of the service and pay not that much money. You can try this option right now!

Quality Of Writing

Quality is the primary value of any essay editor service. Here students need good marks at the university, and they rely on writers. For this reason, we are very meticulous regarding this aspect of our StudyMoose review.

To examine the real quality of the papers we have ordered one to see it ourselves. To our surprise, the essay was delivered even quicker than the mentioned deadline. We started to think that the writer wasn’t that careful regarding the content. However, the quality happened to be equally great with speed! The paper was well-structured, well-researched, perfectly formatted, with credible references, and citations. Moreover, we received the free anti-plagiarism check with exact percentage of the authenticity rate. That was a big bonus because some websites charge additional fees for that function.


There are a lot of situations in a student’s life that essay has to be done for the next lessons but the paper wasn’t even started. For this reason, we check the on-time delivery as a separate function. For this StudyMoose overview, we have ordered a paper with the deadline of two days. Everything was delivered on time which is a great plus for the essay writing service reviews. In addition, we can say that the company has the shortest deadline of three hours which is twice better than on other websites. It is amazing that the service can provide the desired paper in such an early period of time.


For the final StudyMoose сomment we can say that this company has overwhelmed our expectations. We were not waiting for such a professional attitude to work which this team has. All of the details which we check every time for every review is thought-over and clear. We can say that this service is one of the best if you are eager to order essays.

During our experiment, we have also read lots of other real reviews about this service. Most of them are positive, and students recommend this website for others. There are some minor negative comments about slight details such as the necessity to revise the paper. But it is a normal flow of work when the student asks for additional revisions which are free here. That is why we can put 9 out of 10 as a final score. It means that you can try using StudyMoose right now because you won’t be disappointed.


What do you know about 123helpme.com



123helpme.com Review

What is 123helpme? Reading hundreds of writing service reviews on the Internet, I have found that students’ opinions differ a lot. The same platform may be described as “a scam” or “the best writing service ever.” Now, I want to share with you my experience of dealing with a famous writing service 123HelpMe.com. When you read 123HelpMe reviews, you may find that the platform has both weak and strong points. The service provides nearly 2,000,000 essays and other documents that assist students in performing their researchers. The service started to work more than seven years ago, and now it helps students from around the world. The first thing that has attracted me to ask for help in this service is that it proposes a fresh idea for writing academic papers. It does not offer you the opportunity to order a different article written from scratch. It provides an organized database of all free essays available online students may use. Hence, when I accessed the papers available on the website, I got a great source of inspiration. The essay service stores can easily inspire your writing. Like any other writing service, 123HelpMe.com also has some weak points. I needed only recent data for my paper. However, it was hard to tell when exactly the documents available on 123HelpMe.com were written.

Nevertheless, it was not a problem for me to check the relevance of the data. Unlike many other writing services, it is legal for students to use information from the website while performing one’s research. The only rule one should follow is to consider the choices he or she makes carefully.


The tools 123helpme.com offers me are super-fast and straightforward to use. I use them every time I should write my essays.  The writing tools and essay examples indeed help me get my paper started and finished. I like especially the color classification system that organizes information with similar characteristics. When I see red colors, I know that this information is beneficial for my essay and I should pay attention to it. Information in orange color lets me know that I should be cautious with the information I will see as it may have some grammar, spelling, or other writing problems. When I look at the details in green, I know that it is a brilliant and very reliable source for my paper, and I may use it as the foundation for my future writing. The delivery of my text on time was not a problem as well as I can access the available documents in a few seconds, and these documents stimulate my writing process significantly. 123HelpMe.com has never disappointed me. The way I connect with the support is mainly through the e-mail. For sure, it could be much more comfortable if chat support would be available. However, every time I send them an e-mail I know that I will get an answer.  Customer service team assisted me with all my concerns. So, you do not need to worry about it.

Price & Discounts

The thing I also like about this service is that prices are affordable or don’t exist at all. Can you believe in it? You will not find a cost per page as other services which offer unique and new papers. Besides, The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) would show you if somebody wanted to charge a price for a text which is already available for free. It makes 123HelpMe.com even more amazing, does not it?

The users may also find a lot of pages of original research without any charge. Besides, I have enjoyed many other free tools and services available on 123helpme.com. When I use free essays the service offers as my source for writing; I can pay only for the extra 100 words to get a longer paper. However, in case I have got enough ideas to write my future essay, I do not need to pay to gain full access to a text. Talking honestly, I have expected for a long time to find something like that, and now this writing service is the first source I use to complete my assignments.

Quality Of Writing

Using 123HelpMe.com, I have never been disappointed with the quality of writing the service provides. I have used their help on numerous occasions, and they have always helped me. For sure, the service requires one’s analytical and critical thinking. It is not enough to paraphrase the documents you will access to get the highest mark. However, the positive thing about this writing service is that it carefully selects the documents before uploading it to the website. All essays are written by English-speaking professional writers that have a vast knowledge of different subjects. Doing so, 123HelpMe.com can deliver compositions on any topic, and one may take a lot of great ideas from it to write own excellent essays.


The first thing you do not need to worry about is the delivery. The database consists of nearly 2,000,000 essays and other documents. When I need quick help, only this service can provide it for me in a few seconds. Besides, it has a well-organized list of topics available on the website, so you need not spend hours looking for a needed essay if your deadline is coming to an end.


Have you still some doubts is 123HelpMe.com safe and reliable? I can say without any doubts that it is one of the best writing services you may find on the Internet. Affordable prices, quick delivery, extensive database, successful design, and helpful online service – what can be better? The writing service not only assisted me in putting my mind at ease but also allowed me to finish my assignments much more effectively and quickly. 123HelpMe.com is worth every cent.

WritingEssayEast.com Review ➨ Top Tips To Customers


witing essay east

What Is WritingEssayEast

Essay writing services are designed to help students cope with their homework. I’m a fan of effective time management, which is why I occasionally resort to this solution in my studying. I have to admit, trusting someone I don’t know at all is always frightening. But online reviews have helped me a lot here, so I decided to write one myself, hoping it will help someone too.

The last time I needed assistance with college papers, I chose to address WritingEssayEast service, and below I will share my experience with it.

Service & Design

The academic Essay East writing company assists students with different types of papers. The variety of services isn’t limited only to academic assignments. They also write press releases, SEO articles, brochures, and many business-related papers, which makes me think they have quite a large team.

However, you can only get an idea about the offered services on the order page, as there is no special section for that on the website. The whole site looks more like a TV commercial than like a reliable source. All pages contain very general information and vague promises about the quality.

If you scroll down to the bottom of any webpage, you’ll see the footer that signifies the year this website was born – 2018. It’s relatively new, and maybe that’s the reason it’s not as user-friendly and well laid-out as it could be. The “Why Us” page, though, says the company has “more than ten years” of experience. Perhaps, they had a different website before or were marketing through social platforms.

Despite all the incredible moments about the website itself, I decided to give this company a try because I’ve seen people review WritingEssayEast.com quite positively across different review platforms.

Price & Discounts

When I placed an order for a critique college research paper, WritingEssayEast redirected me to a payment page. The total cost for my 8-page order was $160 (I chose Bachelor’s academic level and a week-long deadline with no bells and whistles). The lowest price you can pay for writing from scratch is $9.97 – that’s the cost of a one-page essay of an undergraduate level with a due date being two weeks away.

All you can find the prices on the “Pricing” page. Thankfully, you don’t have to sign up or provide any personal details to get familiar with the cost of an Essay East writer’s work. Also, there are several currencies available, which is very convenient for clients outside the US.

The bells and whistles offered by the company cost extra money and include VIP service, abstract page, plagiarism report, advanced writer, and top writer. The last two look a bit awkward to me, though. Choosing one of them would add either $48 or $92.8 to the price of my 8-page paper (it would add much more if there were more pages, but I doubt it’s worth it.

Now, the good news is prices are not affected by the topic. And you get bonuses for every order, which you can use for future orders.

Quality Of Writing

When it comes to quality, I prefer to check sample pieces of writing by the chosen writer to set my expectations before I make an order. However, with WritingEssayEast.com, I couldn’t do that. I tried searching by the keyword “WritingEssayEast college essay examples”, hoping to see someone posting a piece of their writing on a review platform. But nothing was found.

I guess I might address customer support with this request, but I didn’t want to bother myself with that. Plus, the “Contact Us” form on the website doesn’t look reliable, and I’m not a fan of phone calls. A live chat would be helpful, but there was none.

Now, back to the quality. I can’t say I was pleased when I read my paper. As far as I can judge myself, a writer wrote it by a native English speaker. I believe this is a real find, as many academic writing services today hire non-natives to pay lower salaries. Even if my guess is wrong, their writers have an excellent command of English because I didn’t notice any grammar or punctuation mistakes.

And as a result…

I ran the text through two free anti-plagiarism apps, and the result was good. The paper wasn’t copied or rewritten. Another critical point for me was formatting. And I should say it was fine in my paper.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positive things end. While the overall writing seemed accurate at first glance, I couldn’t track the logic when I took a closer look at the paper. WritingEssayEast writers lack research skills and critical thinking. They had to perform a critical analysis of a research paper on zoology, but the writing looked quite messy and inconsistent. That’s probably because critique writing is assigned rarely, unlike essays or dissertations, and there is little information on the web as for how to write it correctly (e.g. tips, guides, and samples). But wait, isn’t it the reason I decided to entrust this assignment to somebody else in the first place?

Overall, I was somewhat disappointed service WritingEssayEast didn’t manage to provide the high quality they are so proud of (judging by their website). Maybe I just wasn’t lucky with the choice of a writer. Or I should have paid those extra $48 or $92.8 for a top professional. Maybe their team is just poorly familiar with such type of writing as a critique. I can only guess now…


There’s one more key point I almost forgot to mention. I got it on time. I could track it online through the website and was notified by email when it happened. You should note here that my paper wasn’t urgent. The WiritingEssayEast team had an entire week to complete my order. But I don’t want to guess as to how they would cope with a six-hour or even shorter deadline.


So, does WritingEssayEast work?

Well, kind of. They do have some team there. Their writers have a good command of English and know the formatting guidelines. It is not a service that sells pre-written papers and will get away with your money. For the money I’ve paid, I expected the quality to be much better. If you have a serious and important assignment or a different topic, I recommend addressing a different company. There are websites with much higher ratings for sure.

Grademiners.com Review ➨ All Truth About Writing Service


grade miners

The person who invented academic writing services was a real genius I should say. Having an opportunity to hire a professional writer to deal with academic homework gives students much more freedom in other fields of their lives. Of course, only if they’re lucky enough to find and hire someone reliable.

I’m studying electronic engineering at college, and this is what usually doubles the trouble of finding a quality writer who can cope with assignments in this discipline. It’s not enough to be a tech-savvy guy; my perfect writer should have good research skills, an analytical mind, an ability to write in a simple and clear way, and some expertise in the engineering field, too.

The last time I found such a guy was when using Grademiners service at Grademiners.com. So, I would like to tell you more about their team and what you can expect from them. If you’re curious, read on!

What Is Grademiners

I’ve seen many Grademiners paper critique reviews by other students, and most of them were positive. That was the reason I initially decided to address them for help. Another decision-making factor was their blog. I looked through it and thought to myself, “If that’s how my paper will look like, I need to order it here.” I don’t know who runs their blog, but if they have a professional content creator, chances are other writers are professional too.

Service & Design

Now, the rest of the website looks appealing and easy to navigate. I was able to find a dedicated webpage about term paper writing (that’s what I wanted to order) with a brief description of the service and a direct link to the ordering form.

Other services offered by this company include essay writing, thesis proposal, personal statement, speech writing, and a lot more. They even have several free tools, which can be helpful for students who write their papers themselves (e.g. plagiarism checker, citation and title page generator).

It was nice to see an online chat option as well as a “request a call” button on the website. But I had no reason to use them, as everything is laid out pretty clearly on the website. Except for the range of topics. You can only find this information when filling out the ordering form. And here are some bad news:

The rates depend on the topic.

Actually, it’s not much of a drawback. The thing is I prefer knowing this before I proceed to the payment, but the page where you can get an instant quote for your order doesn’t show this info, which is kind of misleading. Let me tell a bit more about pricing now.

Price & Discounts

Essay writing Grademiners service offers good prices. Of course, there are both cheaper and more expensive services on the web, but this one is somewhere in the golden middle.

The rates start at $1.04 for a one-page multiple choice questions paper with a 10-day deadline. The highest rate I found for one page was $99 for resume writing with a 48-hour deadline. I ordered a college-level term paper six pages long with a due date three days away. The standard price for this workload would be about $150, but the company gave me more than a $20 discount. Everyone can get their discount as a first-timer.

Grademiners have a refer-a-friend affiliate program, with which you can earn money and help your friends get higher discounts. Also, you earn bonuses with every order, which will reduce the price for your next order. This is a great benefit for students who buy papers regularly.

Quality Of Writing

Now, the most important aspect to review Grademiners in is the content quality. To tell the truth, I am not really good with English grammar, so I had to use a grammar checking program to make sure there are no mistakes. For all six pages, no issues were detected, which was a good beginning.

Next, I checked the paper for plagiarism and it appeared to be completely unique, except for several citations used, but that’s ok.

I mentioned all requirements when placing my order, but a few hours later I remembered one more important thing, so I contacted my writer and let her know about it. The opportunity to chat with the assigned writer makes the work process flexible and more effective. With Grademiners, you can even choose the writer you’ve already been working with if you know their ID. It’s worth to note here that my writer followed all the guidelines precisely.

After further paper inspection Grademiners writers turned out to be very good at covering the whole topic, providing detailed explanations and clear illustrations.

Now, concerning formatting, I’m not familiar with all the guidelines myself, so I’m not the one to judge if my paper was formatted correctly. But I can assume it was. Otherwise, I wouldn’t receive a B for it, would I? Why not A, you might ask? Well, everyone on my course knows that our professor is very demanding. I guess she expected a bit more details and even deeper research. I’m sure if I chose a higher degree level writing, I would get an A.


When I read the reviews essays Grademiners appeared as a responsible company in my eyes. I didn’t see anyone complaining about missing deadlines. In reality, the reviews proved to be true. My paper got to me early in the morning on the due date. Thus, I think there would be enough time for one or two revisions if they were necessary, and I would still get the paper on the same day.


Overall, I was very satisfied with my ordering experience at Grademiners.com as well as with the quality of my paper and, of course, the grade. The only major thing that disappointed me was the lack of transparency in their pricing. I hope after you read this quality writer review Grademiners will become a more reliable service in your eyes and you will give them an opportunity to help you out. I’m telling you they’re worth it!

A-Writer.com Review ➨ What You Need To Know About A Writer

a writer

a writer

What Is AWriter

Academic writing services experience a real boom now. There are students like me, who prefer to spend time doing so many other things except for doing homework. So many websites offer homework assistance online. I’m not an expert, but I know there are lots of scams and low-quality services among them.

The last time I came across one was when I was looking for dissertation help. The company’s name is A-Writer, and they say have “elite expert writers” and promise to get you “the best results.” Is it so? I felt I just had to critique compare and contrast A Writer as a writing service after I had some experience with them.

Before I decided to order dissertation at this website, I searched for “dissertation A Writer review” through Google. I found a lot of people describing their ordering experience with this company as positive. It made me think I can trust them, so I eventually made a purchase. Now, this is my ordering AWriter assignment report with a detailed description of how it went.

Service & Design

The website itself is rather average. It’s similar to most sites in this niche – big words, little meaning. There is a separate section on the website with a list of services and their description. It is quite easy to surf through to find information about the type of paper one needs. I was looking for dissertation writing, and I saw a dedicated page rather quickly. There were not many specific details. Just general information.

I jumped to the “Guarantees” section next and was disappointed again to see only vague promises. Essay writing AWriter.com company is new on the market. They have much more work to do to make their website a user-friendly and easy-to-search-through source.

Price & Discounts

You can quickly check price without jumping from page to page right on the homepage via a special tool. Prices are not the cheapest on the market, even with a discount given to all new customers (it is 25%). Thus, for a non-urgent one-page essay one would have to pay around $25, while an essential six-page term paper will cost about $210.

One of the extra services you can add to your order is proofreading by an editor. To me, this looks kind of strange. I mean, I’m ordering a premium PhD-level paper, right? What kind of background and experience does a writer like that have if their work needs proofreading? Is it a Ph.D. newbie or what? Of course, it’s up to every customer to decide whether to pay for additional proofreading or not. But I still can’t see the logic in this extra proofreading service.

The last field of the ordering form is a field for a discount code, which means the company probably has some loyalty program discounts.

Quality Of Writing

Now, it’s time to review the key point – the quality of paper writing. My A Writer evaluation paper writing, they delivered is the worst writing I have ever seen. And I am not exaggerating.

The only reason I’m giving it two stars instead of one or zero is for it had no visible grammar mistakes. I didn’t choose that extra proofreading option I mentioned above, but the paper seemed to proofread.

The topic of my dissertation was related to the accounting field. I hoped the writer would have solid knowledge of this. But the way the problem was awful described. It looked like the work was done by a student major isn’t accounting.

In some paragraphs, the information was laid out in a very scientific way. I suppose these parts were just copied and then rewritten from topic-related sources.  Or, even worse, translated from a dissertation written in a different language. In other paragraphs, the writing style was effortless, like that of a high-school or ESL student.

Now, the worst part:

My paper was structured incorrectly! One of the outline points I specified when placing an order was missing entirely. A chapter – missing!

The formatting wasn’t that bad, although there were several non-numbered pages. And a few paragraphs had a grey-colored background, which was very hard to spot but I did notice. I know this happens when you copy and paste some text from a webpage. So I suggested that they just rewrote someone else’s paper or a piece from the recommended literature.

Of course, I couldn’t accept such low-quality work, so I called the AWriter service support and prepared to fight for my money. However, their manager appeared very friendly and reassured me that there was some mistake. She promised they will revise my dissertation and will send it back in a few days. I agreed to wait. Two days later, I received a new version of my work with improved formatting; plus, they added a new chapter. But, just as I expected, the overall quality of the contents didn’t get any better.

I shared this story with one of my colleagues, and it turned out his girlfriend used to work for this company. She left because they’ve been deluding not only their customers but also many other students. They write negative reviews on their competitors across different review platforms and social networks.


Not much is left to say about this company. I got the paper on time. But honestly, I wish it was never done because that level of quality was not worth the money I have paid.


I don’t recommend anyone addressing this academic writing service. Charging much money for low-quality work and writing fake reviews A-Writer company plays a very unfair game and ruins its reputation. They don’t have “elite expert writers,” and they won’t get you “the best results.” It’s not the service you can trust.


EssayClick.net Review ➨ What To Expect From Service

essay click

Essay Click or Roulette Wheel Spinning

Nowadays there are plenty of writing services that offer you to get an essay or another type of writing of high quality in a short period of time and with a small amount of money spent on it. But are they really as good as their colorful and impressive front pages on the Internet? I guess, no. And I have some reasons to think so.

Student life can be very hectic, and sometimes we have got no time to complete the tasks. That’s why such services as Essay Click become in handy.  All you have to do is to tell what kind of writing has to be done, the topic and the deadline. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of not to be fooled or left without any writing at all.

I want to share my experience of using Essay Click with you and warn you about possible troubles.

About the project

I liked the front page very much at first. Everything seemed easy and fast. I needed the essay on a specific subject, and there was nothing complicated in making my order. But, as you know, the first impression is not always right. And in this case, it was deceptive.

Service and design

I have to say, the design of the website is great. Essay Click has three major directions of work: writing from scratch, editing of the papers you already have and making presentations. Also, you have to choose what your paper is for: high school, college, university, Master’s degree or Ph.D. Afterwards, you write down the deadline and select the necessary amount of pages. That’s the time when the price shows up.

The weird thing happens after that. You have to pick up the author by yourself. The question is: how do you know who is good for the job you offer? I thought that was the responsibility of the service to choose the right person for a specific kind of writing. So, that was a surprise to me.

That’s very convenient that Essay Click offers you three main services that most students need, but there is no information on how exactly the writers can write for you. Different subjects have different writing methods, so you have to be aware of that before paying for anything.

Price and discounts

The service can charge you differently. It depends on how many days you need to have your writing paper done, amounts of pages and topic, of course. For example, an undergraduate essay done within 10 days will cost you approximately 28$. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for that student, who place their order for the first time. But you can get some deal when the paper you need will be quite large.

The biggest problem here, however, is refund policy. It’s much stricter than advertised and, as it turns out, the chance you will get your money back is quite poor.

When you have some issues with the service, you can write them for free (as soon as you sign in), or call their support number. But after spending some hours on reading student’s reviews on Essay Click, it’s completely impossible to prove them wrong and get your money back for bad writings or not meeting a deadline. This situation makes me feel insecure, and I think it would bother not just me, but other future customers too.

Quality of writing

“Not all of the orders are done well. The quality depends on your luck” — this is the main idea of almost all reviews on the Internet about Essay Click. My experience can’t be called positive, so I agree with all the comments. After making my order I was quite sure, everything will be fine, as my topic wasn’t hard and I needed just a simple essay. But I was wrong. After I got my paper, I realized that was not what I wanted. The writing had to be for my university class, but I got an essay of a poor quality, and I’m not even sure it was written by a native speaker. The combinations of words in sentences were not always correct and, plus, there were a lot of those that are not used in our language for a long time.

I think you should learn about the author you are assigned to and be sure he or she can write what you need. Not all of the people who work there have the qualification in a specific area of science or art, and that’s okay. But I want to know that my money will be well spent and I get the writing which I can use eventually.

My advice is to read the reviews first and learn about the authors before using any writing service. Maybe, you will find something better and have a choice between a couple of sites which you can use.


Everybody, who decides to use writing services for college or university classes, wants to feel secure when it comes to deadlines. Most students say they got their orders on time, but there are a lot of those, who had issues with that. I think it might be the biggest problem, because customers, in most cases, have sharp deadlines, so the time spent on writing the paper stands in the first place.

Many customers don’t get their orders before the specified time and sometimes even one or two days after that. They can have it delivered so late that they don’t need it already. In this case, they lose their money, time and have problems at school or college.

Luckily, I didn’t have problems with meeting the deadline, but I’m sorry for those students who had that experience. The funny thing is, you don’t know if they will manage to complete their job on time or not, and that freaks me out.


After I used Essay Click, I’m sure it’s not a piece of cake to find a good writing service. You can find a lot of them on the Internet, but the chance you will be satisfied is pretty small.

I wasn’t happy about my essay at all and, in the end, I wasn’t able to have my money refunded. After reading the paper that has been delivered, I had to correct it a little bit. In addition, there is no real reviews on the official site, only fake comments. I believed it and now I regret using it in the first place.

My points are 3/10.

I don’t recommend you to use Essay Click because here clients are not fully protected from lying, there is a chance of delaying your order and, in case you don’t like the result, you won’t be able to get your money back.

essay click


JustBuyEssay.com Review ➨ How To Help You JustBuyEssay

just buy essay

Just Buy Essay… And Be Silent

Good-looking interface, lots of free options offered on the main page, and nice testimonials – these are the main details we see when opening the JustBuyEssay paper writing service. Is this description relevant to their real service that this company provides? It is what we are going to tell you at the end of this JustBuyEssay review after conducting an experiment. We have ordered an article at this website, paid money, and underwent the step-by-step procedure of getting the task done. Now we are ready to share with you our real experience so that you know what to expect when making an order at this essay writing service.

About A Project

To begin making an order, a student has to click on the table situated conveniently on the right of the main page. Here you can also see the variety of writing types. The program offers three main sub-kinds. These are editing, writing, and slides. It means that here we can also order a Powerpoint presentation, which is a huge plus for this essay service.

There is an option of selecting the academic level of your essay typer. We assume that it is where the further choosing process goes subdivided to get the most suitable writer for the client. We have clicked on the college level.

Now we got to the deadline option. The earliest one is 6 hours which is pretty good for any student who needs to get a short essay on a simple topic. We have decided to take three days for the deadline, and the system showed $60 to pay.

After clicking the proceed bottom, we get to the following page which has much more subdivided categories to include. Here you can add all the details about your paper. It’s vital to mention that all the main aspects are included: format, title, spacing, and even the option of an express checkout. It is really convenient and quick for students. However, in the next sections, we will discover something more intriguing about the facts which JustBuyEssay tried to hide on their website.


When talking about service, we have decided to find the JustBuyEssay сomment function with the available feedbacks online. It is vital to mention in this JustBuyEssay overview that the feedback system is not included as well. Although you can see positive testimonials at the end of the main page when scrolling it down, they don’t look quite realistic. Smiling people look like Google images taken from the free pictures.
We say this firmly because after receiving the order there wasn’t any opportunity to leave our feedback. Even when we asked to write the feedback, the support service representative kindly explained that not all customers can leave their opinion about the service. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide whether to believe these testimonials or take them with a pinch of salt.

We didn’t stop on reading only positive “mechanic” testimonials offered on the website but went further. There are lots of other unbiased websites where students share their real-life experience of using similar college essay editing service. We were taken aback when started to read only negative comments: high prices, missed deadlines, high plagiarism rate. I scrolled down the comments and managed to find lots of positive ones as well: discounts offers, high quality, professional attitude. We couldn’t understand how one and the same service can receive so different testimonials. And we decided that the user experience depended on the writer that you get as well as the support service representative. The quality may vary but it’s not a news that such services depend on the human factor.


Taking objectively the pricing of this essay editing service, we have come to the conclusion that the pricing is still higher than average. The price doesn’t very much if you take longer or shorter deadlines. For our 3 pages essay on a simple topic for 3 days paying $60 dollars is honestly too much. If I have that assignment, I would rather prepare this essay by myself. As for the editing service, it is cheaper but higher in $5-10 than other similar websites.

One thing that attracts loyal customers at JustBuyEssay is the discount option. Not many websites offer this opportunity for clients. All you have to do is to type the code which you get when inviting a friend or taking new orders. This system of loyalty does attract the previous clients to order more papers only here. For this reasons, the initial high price can be explained.

Quality Of Writing

Before we have received the final paper we decided to browse via the website to find samples or free texts. There is a category with such works on the sample papers page. However, there weren’t many articles available. Moreover, the spectrum of subjects is very narrow. It looks that the company has only started to develop this category. Also, the database is not available online for free. You need to pay to get the entire text. At this moment there are not enough papers for understanding the quality of texts.

When we have received our 3-pages essay, we gave it to a professional editor for clarifying the real quality. He said that the paper was well-structured with a clear thesis statement. The topic sentences, arguments, and examples were put in a logical way to convince the reader. However, there were several minor mistakes in grammar which deprived us of saying that the text is ideal. Having said that, the essay was well-written and deserved an A.


We received the paper on time without any delays. It shows that 3 days were enough for the company to prepare the work before the deadline. Although we don’t know what happens with hot orders with the deadline of 6 hours, we can say that an average timing is met well.


Taking everything into account, we would like to highlight the key positive and negative features of using the JustBuyEssay service. We’ll begin with the negative ones: high prices for papers even with longer deadlines, false feedbacks on the website, many negative comments from real students, a small database with samples. As to the positive aspects: availability of very urgent tasks, clear interface for making an order, quick order processing, discounts system, high-quality texts, and clear subdivision of task requirements.

For these reasons, we can put the final grade of 7 out of 10 because of the mentioned above results. Read more on this website blog to find out about other writing services and true client’s experience.

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BlaBlaWriting.com Review ➨ How Do Students Evaluate Writing Service


I often say the phrase blabla when I want to show that I don’t care about what someone is telling me or when a person talks too much and that makes no sense to me. Is it familiar to you? But don’t be confused with this title. All the above is not about BlaBlaWriting. It is probably the best essay writing service that you can find on the internet. They have nothing to do with waffling or making small talks. BlaBlaWriting provides their customers with high-quality essay writing service free of charge.

About A Project

I know how difficult it can be to come up with the idea of essay topic for a student. Sometimes you can spend hours sitting and thinking where to start, burn the midnight oil while trying to write this first sentence of your term paper, you occupy your mind with a question where to find an idea for an assignment. And here comes essay writing service BlaBlaWriting. It is ready to help students with writing essay, term-paper, etc., choosing the best topics, providing you with thousands of samples. Here you may get inspiration, improve your writing skills and find quotations, definitions, synonyms to make your work more enriched, skillful and accomplished. It also proposes an essay editing service, and here you can buy essay service.


The blablawriting review shows that this service is very customer-oriented and customer-friendly.

First of all, many highly-qualified writers are ready to work on your assignments. I am a busy student, so I was pleased that such professionals saved my time, met all my requirements, wrote everything due to my deadlines and as a result, I got 100 per cent original text. The correlation between the quality and the price is very noticeable.

What is more, it is essential for students to be sure each work they do has no plagiarism. BlaBlaWriting includes free plagiarism checker so that you can use it here. And one of the most critical points is that you get 24/7 support. That means you can address this site every hour of a day or even at night, each day of the week, no matter if it is a weekday or a holiday.

BlaBlaWriting provides a wide range of services. You can order an essay, research paper, dissertation, coursework, thesis or even speech or presentation.


Every day they add more than 300 new materials. So, there is a wide range of works you can choose from: more than 100000 subjects and 2000 topics. And it is straightforward to find the needed text as all materials are well catalogued.

In general, BlaBlaWriting overview shows that site navigation is straightforward and convenient to use. As soon as you open the website, you see the search line so that you can make sure how easy it is to find the topic you need. As well, on the upper bar you see the list of options that help to navigate in the site:

  1. Hire writing. Here you can order your work, specify the topic, type of work, amount of pages and deadline. You can also choose some cited resources and format of citation.
  2. Free plagiarism checker. Here you may upload your work and see the result in a while. And it is free of charge.
  3. Well, that’s simple, here you may see the address of BlaBlaWriting and send the support representatives a message.
  4. How much does it cost? This option provides you with the information about prices and different packages.
  5. Loads of useful information that helps to create an excellent essay, term paper, etc. Here you can find the BlaBlaWritting comment about how to write good work.

As well, there is a chat box on the site, where you can ask any question you want, and you will be provided with all details and useful information you need.


The price depends on various things: number of pages, the deadline by which you want to have everything done, type of service, writer quality.

The information about some pages and the deadline is clear. Now let’s get to the type of service and writer quality. There are such types of service: writing from scratch, rewriting and editing. As for the writer quality they are divided into standard, premium, and platinum.

Standard quality provides a client with experienced writers that work for you.


With Premium quality, you get writers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, and they work on your assignment. Premium quality has gained over 80% of satisfied customers. This plan adds 10% to the price.

Platinum quality guarantee writers that have a master’s degree or higher. Platinum quality has got over 90% of positive reviews. It adds 15% to the price.

As well, you may choose long-term packages. There are 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month plans. The 1-month plan gives you an opportunity to download all materials as many times as you want. Also, you have access to plagiarism checker unlimited and of course access to the newest works. And this one month of access costs $19.99 that is billed monthly.


As a member of the 3-month plan, your capabilities are the same as with 1-month plan, but you have got it for whole three months for $47.97, plus you get a 20% discount.

And 6-month package, you will be provided with unlimited downloads, unlimited plagiarism checks, immediate access to the newest examples and six months of access with 50% discount for $59.94 billed every six months.

It is very comfortable, and you can choose which plan suits you the most.

Quality of Writing

The team of highly-qualified writers work on each assignment carefully. They provide the customer with a creative approach and professional attitude. Every new order is plagiarism free. It is done individually, and it is entirely original. I could choose the quality of writing depending on the complexity of the work. Still, whatever you want you to have your task done correctly, and in most cases you get A+.


You are the one to choose the deadline. What is more, you want not only the day you need your work to be done but even the hour. And BlaBlaWriting’s task is to deliver it to you in time.


To sum up, when you use BlaBlaWriting you get:

  • highly-qualified writers;
  • the correlation between the quality and the price;
  • a wide range of services;
  • 24/7 support;
  • free plagiarism checker;
  • in time delivery;
  • original work;
  • confidentiality.

But it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. High reviews, many satisfied students, hours of saved time and top results, all this you get with BlaBlaWriting.