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The right methods for writing a biology custom essay

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Do you know that the human body consists of both pure and impure blood? This is a fact and a lot of people do not know about it. The blood carries by the veins is called impure blood and it is blue in color. In addition to that, it is purified again before used in the streams of the human body. Similarly, the blood carries by the arteries is called pure blood and it is red in color. Now, we turn our attention towards another important point. What are the roles of red blood and white blood cells? Red blood cells carry hemoglobin which is the red color constituent of the human blood. The role of white blood cells is very different from this. They play the role of antibodies. In other words, they protect the human body when it is attacked by a disease and becomes weak.

Biology is a very interesting subject but everyone does not have the right passion for it. When you take it as a professional, you are required to treat the human body. The chances of making a mistake are very less in this relation. Every individual who is a part of this field needs to be an expert at checking the functions of the human organs. In other words, the chances of making an error are zero. Producing a high standard custom essay would certainly help you a lot in your career advancements. Thus, choose a topic can increase biological awareness for the common man. For instance, people who are not related to this field do not know about the four parts of the human heart. Hence, you can produce a custom essay on the human heart functions.

Are you scared that you may not be able to deliver your custom essay on the desired date? Even if you are, there is no reason to get scared because most students face this scenario. However, intelligent ones hire custom writers at the right time so that they do not have to extend the submission of their paper.

The procedure for writing the conclusion of a custom essay


There are three key parts of any essay. These include the introduction, content body and conclusion. Each of these three parts has its own significance. The introduction provides the basic essence of the assignment. In other words, it sets the tone of the paper. If the subject is management, define one of the main functions. This would create a feel for the jury and potential readers. All the points written in the introduction are carried forward in the content body. In other words, they are expanded so that reader can go through all the details. Consider the example of the management subject mentioned above. If you have defined one of the functions in the introduction, define the remaining ones in the content body. In this way, the expert judges would get a continuation in the content when they are reading through the paper.

The parameters discussed in the content body have to be closed down in the end. This is exactly what the custom essay conclusion is intended for. You have to sum up all the factors which have been discussed and explained in the other two sections. Do not repeat everything which has been written in the content body. The conclusion is a very significant part of the custom essay as the reader makes his opinion after reading it. It is the last part which the reader goes through. Thus, it needs to highlight the key subject related parameters.

Custom essay writing is not an easy job to accomplish and it becomes harder when you have to work on daily university assignments. These assignments extract a sufficient part of your daily time span. Hence, you do not have the time or stamina to work on this important submission. College students make a lot of attempts to work on the assignment but eventually move towards expert writing companies. These companies charge on the basis of word count and academic subject. However, the issue of timely submission is present with a lot of companies. Thus, you need to check the submission patterns of a company when you are talking to the customer support representatives.

How to learn the custom essay layout in a short duration

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Time can make a substantial difference when it comes to the submission of a custom essay. The impression on an academic assignment turns from good to bad when it is submitted after the submitted deadline. People who rate the assignment are not college or university students. They are highly dedicated professionals who have spent years in working on a particular subject. Hence, they expect the paper to be submitted in a professional manner. Even if your content is exactly according to desires, a late submission creates a very negative impression.

Do you know that content collection is easier as compared to framing the information according to the desired layout? You cannot just compile the information, reword it and submit it. An academic assignment required a lot more effort. In addition to that, the layout of the paper changes with the citation format. The MLA layout would be different as compared to the APA format. Thus, get a confirmation about the citation format before you learn the layout.

The table of contents is an important component of the layout process. The final draft of this table is not made without modifications. This table goes through several changes before it is submitted. Every chapter is listed in this table along with the page number with the respective page number. Hence, this table would be made as each chapter would be completed. In other words, you cannot make the final draft of the table of contents until the custom essay has been completed.

We offer custom essay writing services at very affordable rates. Unlike a lot of other writing firms, we do not make the customer wait due to unnecessary reasons. Our email replies are spontaneous and we reply every query in a maximum duration of 24 hours. In addition to that, you can always talk to our client support executives who are available at all hours of the day. The mode of interaction with them is instant communication. Apart from that, our website is not offline at any time of the day. Hence, you can go through our custom essay rates and state of the art writing services at anytime.

English literature book report for the third standard

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Children who are studying in the third standard do not have the capability to understand tough poemsThus the English literature curriculum includes stories and small plays so that kids can understand what is writtenIf your child has been given a book report assignmentyou need to help him with the writing tasksFirst of allhave a look at what the teacher demandsEvery book report has a certain question statement which needs to be followed for the reportThis question statement helps you with the content depthDo you need to cover information in detailIt is obvious that you would not have to cover a lot of detail if your child is studying in the third standardThusfocus on the basic areas only.
As a parentyou do not have to write the entire report for your childInsteadyou need to assist him in such a way that his report writing skills can be developed.  There are few common stories taught in the third standardOne of them is Peter and the wolfWhat does this story talk aboutOn an overall scalethe story tells about a boy who ventures out of his house when a wolf is grazing outside.  Hencea lot of trouble is created for himIn addition to thathis parents warn him a lot of times but he fails to understand their point.  As a result of this carelessnessthe wolf harms him.  A lot of other similar books are taught in the third standard as well so that the kids can understand the construction of different story plots.
A book report has two main purposesOne is to provide the overall view of the story so that the reader is not completely unaware of what he would be readingThere is another purpose attached as wellThrough a reportthe advantages and disadvantages related to the book are highlightedIf the book contains a lot of disadvantages or negative factorsthe reader would not be interested in reading itHoweverthe deductions which would be presented in the report should be neutral and not biased.

What are some dilemmas students face writing

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Term paper writing is not something which can be done very easilyStudents face several issues when they are writing term papersOne of these issues is proper time managementIt is useless to submit the term paper after the deadlineThe jury members would either reject it or award a very low gradeBoth these actions would create a lot of problems for the student and he would not be able to score a good gradeAs a studentif you want to get the best term paper gradesyou have to complete it on time and impress your supervisorYou can do this by making an outline and breaking the tasks which need to be completedFor exampleif you have allocated one week for the introductionyou should not be wasting any extra time on itSimilarlyif you think that you would need one week to complete the abstractyou should complete this chapter within the allocated timelineNormallystudents fail to manage the deadline.

Another problem which students face is submitting plagiarism free contentPlagiarism is a serious problem and it is affecting the academic futures of several studentsStudents simply copy content from different websites and then submit it without rephrasing itThis is where the problem startsYou have to rephrase the content which has been accessed from books and websites as it originally belongs to someone elseApart from thatcheck your paper before submitting it for markingYou need to read the term paper manually as well as use an application to check itOnce you are one hundred percent sure that the paper is plagiarism freeyou can submit it for grading.

Accessing authentic resources is a big challenge for the students as wellThey fail to differentiate between the legitimate and unauthentic resourcesThe best way to deal with this problem is to for quality well known sources onlyIf the steps mentioned above are followed properlystudents can easily combat all the steps of term paper writing.

Writing an Essay on Stress Management


Stress management is the most important aspect of everyone’s life. Whether you are a student or working as a professional if you do not keep stress under control then it can destroy your life. You need to keep balance in everything you do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stress is basically a warning from the body that it can no longer sustain the workload and it needs rest or time to recuperate. If you ignore stress and keep doing your essay or work then it can have a negative effect on your productivity. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some useful ideas to write essays on stress management. Please read below to find out some great ideas about writing essays on stress management.

How Stress can affect Health?

Stress can have very bad effects on health. You can focus your essay on how stress can affect one’s productivity. People who suffer from stress usually tend to have lesser productivity. They are not able to concentrate on their tasks properly and as a result, their performance goes down. Work is very important but in order to be productive one need to take care of health.

How Stress can be managed?

You can focus on your essay on how stress can effectively be managed. There are so many ways where stress levels can easy be controlled but it needs time. Regular workout is one of the best options to control stress. Moreover, regular workout helps release endorphins in the brain that helps maintain good happy mood. When stress is controlled it also affects the productivity and performance of an individual.

EduBirdie.com Review ➨ What You Did Not Know About Essay Writing



What is Edubirdie

At the very beginning, after I had opened the homepage of EduBirdie, I found one of the most critical pieces of information for me, and it is writers and their short info. I have already checked a lot of different writing services, and mostly they talk about how good they are. Another significant thing to mention is that EduBirdie has a 24/7 customer service which is very handy. Their customer support team is amiable, and a customer support agent kindly answered all my questions concerned with placing the order. It is a review of my experience of using EduBirdie essay service.

About Edubirdie Essay Writing Service

It is a company that has already been in the business for four years. They located in the USA. They have more than 400 writers, and every profile can be reviewed before assigning. All of them are from English speaking countries such as Canada, the UK, and the USA. Also, it is not so easy to become their writers, and everyone passes strict tests before starting their work with customers. That can be your warranty of their quality. This service offers a quite extensive list of paper types and subjects that covers almost all of them. It also allows you to choose the most common formats of citation such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, Vancouver, and you can even set your variant by providing all the necessary information to your writer.

After creating your order, you can proceed to the step of choosing your writer. There you will see several writers that are interested in your order, and some of them would like to discuss it. You can start a chat with everyone and consider all the details. Also, you see the prices of every writer before hiring, and you can choose the more convenient one. It is nice that you can cooperate with writers and check the writing process by yourself to share some personal ideas, provide some additional information or tell what should be changed or improved. You can find different thoughts and posts that critique EduBirdie, but it is straightforward for everyone to use this service.


I think it is also necessary to do an EduBirdie website review. At first sight, it has a pleasant design, and web pages are not overcrowded with unnecessary information. On the main page, you can find general information about their service, how it works, essay writing & student tips and reviews from other customers. The user interface is simple and easy for navigation, so every customer can get what is needed. After placing your order with all the details and choosing a personal writer, you can always check the progress on your account page. Also, you are allowed to chat with a person who is working on your order and provide your ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish it faster or according to your needs.

Moreover, the company has developed an app for every iPhone user. With it, you can easily track the writing process and chat with your writer easily. Therefore, in general design of the service is comfortable to use. Also, remember of 24/7 support if you face some issues or have questions. You may think, “Is EduBirdie legal and safe?” Then I would recommend for everyone to read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy firstly, but it is legal.


When you are looking for some writing services, it is essential to check the prices at the beginning. As for most of the customers, it is the critical factor in making the decision. I have also read posts about EduBirdie paper and their prices. It is an expensive service, but I can understand why. The most significant part of the amount depends on the writer’s quality. That is why it is up to you to choose the writer for your order. When workers receive a good salary, it motivates them to perform their duties at a high level.

Speaking about discounts, I will tell you from my own experience. After seeing the prices for my order, I contacted the support team and asked if there were any discounts that they could provide me with. The representative was very nice; they helped me to choose the most suitable writer for my topic and provided me with the discount.

Quality Of Writing

After considering all the previous steps, everyone starts to think about the quality, and I did it too. To ensure myself that I will receive a high quality paper, I did a small investigation. It turned out that all the writers are qualified, and you can check the list of texts that they have written before. There also reviews from clients who ordered and received their papers. Also, you will not obtain an unchecked composition. The next question of quality is the authenticity. The EduBirdie plagiarism checks work correctly, and you can be sure of winning the highest marks. Moreover, my ability to cooperate with the writer helped to accomplish my order in the way I needed.


In the end, I would like to talk to you about their delivery system. In general, this service works very merely like ‘I came, I ordered, I waited, I received, and I checked.’ I got my order until the deadline, and I received it in time. When you place the order and choose the writer, you put funds on the deposits and only after checking the results you release them. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, the paper can always be revised and edited.


In conclusion, I am satisfied with this service. It can be a bit pricey, but the quality and punctuality will leave you satisfied. I think it is better to spend more on quality than get your paper done by some cheap and poor quality service and have a lot of troubles with it. My rate is 8/10 because I am satisfied with everything except the prices.

Essayhave.com Review ➨ Real Last Reviews Essay From Clients



What Is EssayHave

When I have no time to write an essay or do a research paper, I buy them online. That’s a popular and effective solution used by many students around the globe. Throughout my three years of studying, I’ve addressed several different companies and still haven’t found the one I could send regularly. So, I’m still searching. And while I’m seeking, I’m trying to share my personal experience with fellow students so that we all could understand and remember who can be trusted and who can’t.

The most recent paper I ordered was a creative essay. And I chose the service Essay Have to critique and review.

Below I review EssayHave in different aspects. Hope it will be helpful.

Service & Design

As always, before I place an order, I have to check essay reviews on EssayHave. The search results showed very ambiguous results. There were both negative and positive comments about this company. So, I decided to step back and take a closer look at their website to be able to make a personal judgment.

Essayhave.com is designed to be convenient and straightforward. I was able to find all the info I needed pretty quickly. One of the most promising pages was the page with terms and conditions. Remembering my experience with other academic writing companies, I should say it is not typical of them to have the terms and conditions listed on their website so openly and transparently. I mean, they have to. But most of them don’t bother with that. And in most cases, those who don’t bother appear to be scams. So, Essayhave.com has just earned the first point for credibility.

According to these terms and conditions, the service ensures you will have your money back in case it doesn’t follow requirements. They also guarantee security for your account on the website and your payment details during the authorization of the payment.

In the “How It Works” section of the website I found several video tutorials, which explain how to place an order, get a quote, manage a personal account, and contact customer support for help.

You can view samples in PDF on the main page to get an idea of the style and academic level of writing. The only missing thing on the website, to me, was a clear list of services provided. Some of them were listed in the footer on the site, but it’s not complete.

Price & Discounts

The company’s pricing model is typical for this kind of business. The cost will depend on such factors as the academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline. The more comfortable and the less urgent your assignment is, the less you will pay for it.

I’m not sure if it’s a benefit or a drawback, but the cost won’t depend on the type of work. All rates start at $10. Essayhave.com seems to have a universal standard for all kinds of work. Some types of academic papers (e.g., dissertations and theses) are not available at the high school or undergraduate level, which means the starting rate will be higher.

I ordered a creative essay two pages long to be ready in 24 hours and paid $44 for it. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have first-time order discounts. However, they offer a system of discounts for customers who place big orders or order regularly. You can get a 5% for spending $500 on your paper, 10% for paying $1000, and 15% for spending $2000. It is a lifetime discount, meaning you can use it as long as you use your account.

Essay Service Have reviews by other users show that some people are not satisfied with the pricing offered by the company. However, I found the rates to be meager compared to those of competitors. It’s a big plus, but it also raises some doubts as to the quality of writing. So, let me tell you about it next.

Quality Of Writing

When the paper was ready, I received an SMS notification. I was excited to see how well the writer has managed to do a creative task. At first glance, the writing seemed somewhat consistent and concise. I checked the text through Grammarly, and no issues were found. The same result by a plagiarism checker – no issues found.

After examining the paper further, I noticed, though, that the language used and the overall writer’s voice is boring. I guess this would be fine if it were a typical essay or coursework. But the main feature of creative writing is a vivid language, beautiful imagination, and exciting plot. I’m not saying the paper was total boredom. It just wasn’t as good as I expected.


My creative essay was ready on the next day after the due date, but there was about a one-hour delay. Considering that my order was urgent (and that things happen), I can’t say I was annoyed by this.

According to reviews, this company mostly doesn’t have issues with timely delivery. I’ve only seen a few customers report paper writing essayhave.com service to be late. But we all occasionally show up late, don’t we? To me, a minor delay isn’t critical as long as the quality is appropriate.


So, does an essay have a report, essay, and paper writing service work?

I would rate it 6/10. The lack of creativity, as well as a slight delay with delivery somewhat ruined my positive first impression. I can’t tell you to stay away because they do work and try to do best for the client. However, I can’t recommend this service as high, at least for students who seek help with creative assignments. I believe EssayHave writers would cope better with logical tasks and papers requiring in-depth research.

Essay-Company.com Review ➨ Exclusive Student Review


essay companySo many different websites today allow students to hire an academic writer for their essays, dissertations, labs, and other types of assignments. All of them promise the same thing – to provide you with a high-quality piece of writing and bring you the best grade. But not all of them stand for their promises. I know it from my personal experience, as I order papers online quite often.

I would like to share one of my most recent experiences and review Essay Company, a service you can find at Essay-Company.com.

What Is Essay-Company

I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about this service when I typed its name in a search query. I also visited the website to find more information directly from the company, and this helped me arrive at a decision to try ordering from them. So, this is my report about academic writing Essay-Company service and their offerings.

Service & Design

When you first visit the website, you see a pretty nice homepage where you can quickly get a quote in order to understand how much you will have to pay for your assignment. You can also see some numbers the company is proud of (customer satisfaction rating, the number of writers and subjects available) as well as several customer reviews. Everything seems quite clear except there is no list of types of papers Essay-Company service deals with and no list of topics. This information becomes visible only when you proceed to filling out the order form, which isn’t really convenient.

A number of links to dedicated pages on types of papers are featured at the bottom of the page, but they seem rather messy and hard to navigate; besides, some of them are duplicated. Despite that, it’s fairly easy to see that the range of services and topics offered by the company is really wide. This can be a real benefit for students like me who buy papers regularly. Thus, we can use one service to deal with all our homework.

A pleasant surprise was to see some sample works available publicly on one of the website’s main pages. I downloaded a few, and they looked rather good. So, I followed the link to the ordering page.

Price & Discounts

When filling out an order form, I found out that the topic affects the rate per page, which was somewhat disappointing. The quote generator on the homepage gave me an idea about a lower price, and now the price turned out to be higher. However, a few seconds later I realized I’m still receiving a good discount as a first-time client.

The price I eventually paid for my EssayCompany paper abstract was slightly over $40, although the initial cost had to be almost $50. In case you wonder, my order details were as follows: a one-page PhD-level dissertation abstract on geography written by a TOP writer within a 48-hour long deadline. To me, the prices are average. I’ve seen lower as well as higher rates across other academic writing services.

The good news is you don’t have to register an account if you’re just wondering about the prices. However, when placing your order, you will need to provide your personal information, such as email and phone number. By the way, there is an option to attach a document along with your order. I find it very convenient since I had to upload my whole dissertation for the writer to be able to write an abstract to it.

The company claims they have occasional and seasonal discounts as well as a loyalty program. In addition to that, they write a bibliography and a title page for free.

Quality Of Writing

Forty-eight hours after I submitted the order, I was able to download my paper. After I analyzed and made my paper writing critique Essay Company didn’t look like a top quality writing service for me anymore. I would say it’s just a bit higher than average, which means not the best one and not the worst one either.

The abstract was written pretty clearly but I was very annoyed to see a few mistakes (two misspellings, two grammar errors, and one missing comma, to be exact). To me, five mistakes per one page is a lot, even though they are not critical.

The manner of writing was good and I liked how the author adjusted to my own writing style, having read my dissertation. There also were some formatting issues. I needed to check the guidelines and reformat everything myself so that I would be sure about the quality. In case something similar happens to you and you don’t want to do it yourself, the company offers free unlimited revisions.

Perhaps, I just wasn’t lucky with the choice of a writer. When I shared my experience with the other student in my class, she said she knew the company. She used to order EssayCompany essay analysis and loved it. So, I may suppose they do have decent writers there but there’s surely a lack of editors who would notice the mistakes I’ve found and fix them.


Concerning the deadlines, my order was somewhat urgent (48 hours before the due date) and maybe that was the reason it was not fulfilled perfectly. But if I had to choose between receiving a flawless paper with a delay and receiving a paper with few mistakes on time, I would still go for the latter. So, I’m satisfied with the delivery aspect. Besides, I was able to track my order through the personal account and be the first to find out in case it was ready before the deadline.


Overall, I believe the Essay Company should have tried harder for the money I’ve paid. That’s why I’m giving them only six points out of ten. If you want a flawless paper, this is not the company to address. But if you don’t mind fixing a few mistakes on your own, you might have quite a satisfying experience with this service, especially considering their discount system. Hope I have managed to help those of you who were looking for essay-company.com reviews.

WriteMyEssay4Me.org Review ➨ All Truth From Customers


Lots of promises and many vivid offers can be noticed when opening the main page of the WriteMyEssay4Me website. Attractive colors appeal to students because it shows the friendly and young style. However, when it comes to real work, this service didn’t prove my first positive impression. If you haven’t ordered an essay there, you are a lucky one. And let us explain the main reasons for this in the following WriteMyEssay4Me review.

About A Project

Our team of professional writers has decided to check the reliability of several websites offering students papers for money. We decided to become real customers and order essays to find out all the truth about the service. Besides, we evaluate the overall design, pricing, service, quality, and other additional features to show you the clearest WriteMyEssay4Me overview. We consider any slightest details to provide you with honest information so that you won’t get problems choosing the best essay writing service for your assignments.

Lots of students hesitate when it comes to selecting the most suitable writing service. And it is no wonder because there are so many of them, and many look alike. You begin searching for feedbacks, but even on the website of any company, it is not a 100% guarantee that you read realistic comments. For you not to lose time searching for the best company, we have prepared a detailed overview of the most popular ones.

The aim of our project is to find honest firms which are ready to provide top-notch articles for a reasonable price. Believe us or not, but there are only several such good teams that are capable of doing their job perfectly. Thanks to our overview, you will easily find out about the advantages and disadvantages of selecting particular websites. In this experiment, we will focus on service and design, pricing, timing, and overall feedback regarding the cooperation.


The primary table which springs up to my vision is the ordering one. It looks simple and easy to try. Such a clear, minimalistic design attracts the customer to make an order or at least take a look at the approximate price. As usually, we click on the writing service, college academic level, and order a 3-page essay with the deadlines of three days.

It is nice that the essay service offers both papers writing and essay editing service. It means that the company covers a normal spectrum of work. If going further, we can see that it is not possible to select the type of work. It is not included in the primary menu function. Also, there is not a very big spectrum of free samples. You can read the articles from blogs, but it is not enough to understand how the writers prepare texts.


It is vital to mention that the pricing is a little bit lower than in average sites. However, it varies significantly when changing the deadline. It is also great that the company has a system of discounts. Here you can get cheaper texts by using codes and passwords. Besides, if you order the paper for the first time, you will get a discount on the next orders. It is a convenient system of loyalty for clients.

Quality Of Writing

This category disappointed us most of all. When we finally received the paper, we discovered that the paper essay quality was low. As to the college academic level, the text wasn’t well-structured. We even couldn’t find the thesis statement and topic sentences. The paragraphs were long and had several mistakes in syntax.

I wasn’t ready to approve this paper and asked for a revision. The company took the text back and said that everything had to be fine soon. I had to wait for additional 2 days and get my paper back. Although it was a bit more grammatically correct, the unclear content remained unchanged. For this reason, we asked for money back, but after several verifications, nobody could give us the refund. They mentioned that the text was revised and good enough to be sent for the client. That is why, when you have problems with the content don’t rely on the company’s policy of money back guarantee. It is likely that they will revise it and edit, but you won’t get an ideal high-quality essay.


As to the deadline quality, we can see that the company offers very little deadlines beginning in 6 hours which is pretty impressive. We don’t know whether the writers would manage preparing a long well-researched work but a short essay shouldn’t be a challenge for them.

In our experiment, we have ordered a paper with the deadline of three days. We didn’t expect the company to deliver it sooner but only after 24 hours, we have received a notification that the paper was completed. Although the work was sent even earlier than necessary, we know from the mentioned above facts that such a hurry could affect the quality. Unfortunately, this early delivery doesn’t coincide with the quality.


In the WriteMyEssay4Me overview, we can summarize that this website is not the best for students who need any essay typer of high quality. Although, the WriteMyEssay4Me сomment that they are great as a college essay editing service. However, in reality, they claim more than can do. We cannot say that all the papers prepared by this company are bad but looking at our experience as well as after analyzing other students’ feedbacks, we can say that the quality is not high.

If considering all the mentioned above details about service, design, pricing, we can say that the overall rating will be approximately 4/10. We put such a low scoring because of the quality which should be the most significant value for any writing service. Unfortunately, this service cannot guarantee constant quality. The team should work more on providing better texts and then focus on the design which is perfect here. Students order papers because they need good marks, and low quality is not what they can forgive.